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Fremont Company Sauerkraut Factory Tour


The Fremont Company in Fremont, Ohio, is one of the largest sauerkraut manufacturers in the United States, selling under the names Frank's Sauerkraut in the Midwest, Snow Floss on the East Coast, and Deutsche Kuche in Aldi stores nationwide.

If the women in my family couldn't make their own sauerkraut, they trusted no other store-bought brand than Frank's. When Mom sent me off to the store, she made it clear if the Frank's was all gone, I was to come home empty-handed. We'd be having something else for dinner. Here are Eastern European Sauerkraut Recipes I think you will enjoy.

This sauerkraut legacy prompted me to take a trip to Fremont to watch how this versatile vegetable is made on a grand scale. There are five steps to sauerkraut making:
  1. Harvesting the cabbage
  2. Removal of outer leaves and cores, scrubbing, rinsing, shredding and salting
  3. Fermentation in huge sealed vats
  4. Canning -- cooking, cooling and sealing
  5. Labeling and packaging
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Farmers dump their loads of cabbage on the Fremont Factory pad.Local Farmers Truck in Their CabbageThe cabbages are funneled onto the conveyor belt.The Cabbage Is Directed Onto the ConveyorCabbage moves along the conveyor.Cabbages on Their Way to the Processing RoomThe cabbages makes their way down to a lower level to be cored.Cabbage Is Conveyed to a Lower-Level Coring Shed
Each cabbage is mechanically cored.The Cabbage Is CoredAfter coring, the cabbages move down to the workers for the human touch.The Cabbages Get a Little TLCThe Fremont Company employs 50 workers during peak production.Workers Deleaf and Wash the CabbageThe "slaw" on its way to the fermenting vats.The Cabbage Is Mechanically Shredded
Salt is the only ingredient added to the shredded cabbage.Salt Is Added to the VatsSauerkraut vat.Sauerkraut Fermenting VatsThe fermentation room is pungent with cabbage aromas.Sauerkraut Fermentation RoomFermented cabbage is funneled into portioning pipes.The Fermented Cabbage Is Fed into the Portioning Pipes
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