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Eastern European Food: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
16 Polish Christmas Cookies Recipes
Weeks before Christmas, my family would get out the cookie tins and start baking traditional Polish cookies or ciasteczka na swieta for the holidays.
Egg-Free Potato Drop Dumplings Great for Soup
This recipe for Polish Drop Potato Dumplings -- Kartoflane Kluski -- is made with raw potatoes, not mashed potatoes.
A Traditional Polish Kołaczki Cookie Recipe
Polish kolaczki are flaky little pastries, sometimes considered cookies, filled with fruit, cheese, nut or poppyseed pastes.
The Perfect Gingerbread House "Glue:" Royal...
Royal icing is the mortar that holds a gingerbread house together.
Gingerbread House Dough Recipe
This gingerbread house dough recipe, while edible, is not meant to be eaten. It is firm and sturdy enough to support decorations.
Polish Almond Cookie Recipe - Amaretti
Polish almond cookies or amaretti are sweet flourless drop cookies that are perfect with tea or coffee.
Eastern European Food - Search Results
Having trouble? Here are some helpful suggestions: Check your spelling. Avoid punctuation, and make sure
How to Make Traditional Polish Stuffed Cabbage
Every Eastern European country has its version of stuffed cabbage rolls. For Lithuanians, it is holubki, for Poles it is golabki, for Serbs, it is sarma. However they are spelled, stuffed cabbage rolls are the original pocket meals.
Do You Know the Difference Between Stuffing and...
Do you know the difference between stuffing and dressing? It depends where you put it! Read on as I spell it out for you.
Kolaczki Cookie Recipes
Here are several recipes for kolaczki, kolachky, kolacky, kolace. However you spell them, they mean flaky, delicious, Eastern European filled cookies or pastries.
How to Make Basic Pierogi Dough for Polish...
This basic pierogi dough recipe is a simple combination of flour, eggs, water and salt.
Potato Finger Dumplings Recipe - Kartoflane...
Potato Finger Dumplings can be eaten as a side dish with butter or as the main course when combined with caramelized onions and bacon or other smoked meats.
Recipes for a Polish Christmas Eve Supper or...
For Poles, Christmas Eve is arguably the most important Roman Catholic holiday of the year and wigilia, or Star Supper, is the main focus. An odd number of courses is served -- anywhere from five to 13 -- depending on a family's finances. It was believed the more courses, the more properous the year ahead.
12 Best Hungarian Desserts
Hungary is renowned for its fine pastries, some of them borrowed from Austria which, in turn, borrowed from France. In any case, Hungarians have created a delightful repertoire of rich desserts and stories to match.
Polish Dessert Recipes Perfect for Christmas
My Polish family started baking for Christmas around St. Nicholas Day, Dec. 6. The tasty treats we made were so full of butter and sugar, they theoretically could last until the Feast of the Three Kings on Jan. 6. But we and our company gobbled them up so quickly, we invariably had to make more after Christmas to see us through Twelfth Night.
In Eastern Europe, What's Up Is Down -...
In many parts of Eastern Europe, Christmas trees are hung upside down from the ceiling. It's an old custom that some say started with St. Boniface.
15 Polish Sausages You Will Love
Learn more about a variety of polish sausages from this curated list, including links to recipes and vendors selling different kinds of kielbasa.
How to Make Authentic Romanian Food
Here are recipes for 12 authentic, traditional Romanian foods.
Polish Christmas Traditions
Polish Christmas Eve - Wigilia - and Christmas Day are two of the holiest days of the year to Roman Catholics along with Easter.
Traditional Czech Bread Dumplings Recipe -...
This is a traditional Czech recipe for bread dumplings or houskovy knedlik.
Not Into Raw? Try This Authentic Drago's...
This authentic recipe for charbroiled oysters was developed by Tommy Cvitanovich of Drago's Restaurant in New Orleans and Metairie, La.
How to Make Homemade Pierogi: It's Easier than...
Once you've selected the dough and filling you want for your pierogi, follow these steps for rolling, cutting, folding and cooking.
How to Make Polish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls: An...
A step by step recipe for making cabbage rolls, also known as golabki, holubki and sarma.
15 Polish Dessert Recipes You Will Die For
Desserts vary from region to region in Poland, but this list of favorite Polish dessert recipes seems to be universal throughout the country.
Polish Cheesecakes Are Made With Curd Cheese
This recipe for traditional Polish cheesecake or sernik has a sweet pastry crust.
How to Make a Polish Poppy Seed Roll
Poppy seeds are a favorite ingredient in Eastern European cooking and find themselves whole in savory dishes like noodles and ground to a paste in pastries like poppy seed rolls.
How to Decorate a Gingerbread House
Step-by-step instructions with pictures showing how to decorate a gingerbread house with royal icing.
Polish Florentine Cookies Recipe - Florentynki
This recipe for Polish florentines or florentynki are made with candied fruit, nuts and a chocolate bottom.
5-Ingredient Sour Cream Pierogi Dough Recipe
This pierogi dough uses sour cream as one of its ingredients.
Make Delicious Kremowka Papieska: Polish Papal...
This recipe for Polish cream cake has been renamed papal cream cake or kremowka papieska when it was learned the late Pope John Paul II loved this dessert.
Do You Know the Different Types of Squash? Find...
Squash is considered a fruit and can be divided into summer squash and winter squash varieties
Easy Prep Make-Ahead Polish Smoked Sausage and...
This smoked Polish sausage and sauerkraut recipe makes a great potluck or tailgating dish.
Make Your Pączki at Home with this...
Paczki or Polish doughnuts are eaten on Fat Thursday in Poland and Fat Tuesday in the United States.
Polish Almond Cookies Shaped Like Little Horns
This recipe for Polish rogaliki literally means "little horns" because they are shaped into crescents.
10 Eastern European Dessert Recipes That Will...
Eastern Europeans have a charming tradition of offering
Shake Things Up With This Pomegranate...
This pomegranate vinaigrette recipe combines pomegranate juice, honey and oil for a tasty salad topper.
Easy Persimmon Bread Recipe
This easy persimmon bread recipe is made with butter, not oil as other quick breads are.
Follow This Tip for An End to Gray Grated...
Use this tip to keep your grated potatoes from turning dark.
How to Make Naleśniki: Sweet or Savory...
Polish crepes are known as naleśniki. They can be filled with fruit, jam, or sweet or savory fillings and rolled or folded. Many people then call them blintzes.
The Best Hungarian Street Food: Hungarian Fried...
Langos is Hungarian fried bread sometimes called Hungarian pizza. It is a favorite street and fair food.
How to Make Polish Borscht: Easy Beet Barszcz...
Easy Polish beet barszcz is a sour soup made with beets.
Polish Gingerbread Cookies Recipe - Pierniczki
Polish pierniczki or gingerbread cookies are popular at Christmas time but especially on Dec. 6, St. Nicholas Day.
A Collection of Czech Christmas Cookie Recipes
Starting on St. Nicholas Day, Dec. 6, Czech families begin their Christmas sweets baking or vanocni cukovri, which includes all types of confections.
12 Traditional Polish Cheesecake Recipes
Here are top Polish-style cheesecake recipes.
14 Delightful Serbian Desserts
Here are recipes for popular Serbian dessert recipes.
How to Make Creamy Polish Dill Pickle Soup
This creamy Polish dill pickle soup is common in Eastern Europe where pickling is a favorite way to preserve fruits, vegetables, meats and eggs.
How to Make Polish Kielbasa Sausage
Polish sausage or kielbasa is a garlic-flavored pork sausage that can be boiled, boiled and browned or smoked.
How to Make Slovak Stuffed Cabbage
This recipe for Slovak stuffed cabbage, also known as holubky or halupki, is made with ground beef and pork, sauerkraut, paprika and tomato sauce.
Lemon Glaze Is a Perfect Topper for Many Desserts
This recipe for easy lemon glaze is made with only three ingredients.
Russian Christmas Eve Foods Have Special...
Here are recipes for Russian Christmas Eve or Holy Supper, which is known as sochevnik or sochelnik.
Enjoy the American Holiday of Thanksgiving...
Many of the same foods associated with American Thanksgiving are enjoyed year-round by Eastern Europeans. Enjoy Thanksgiving Eastern European style!
Lithuanian Potato Pudding Is Known as Kugelis
This traditional recipe for Lithuanian potato pudding or kugelis produces a dense dish that is excellent as a side dish or main course with a salad.
Easy Nut Roll Recipe
This easy Croatian nut roll recipe has sour cream in the yeast dough.
10 Traditional Soup Recipes Russians Love
In Russia, soup isn't considered a starter, although it is usually followed by a main course. Soup is so important to the cuisine and often so hearty, it is frequently featured on its own with crusty bread.
Polish Vanilla Cookies Recipe - Ciasteczka...
This egg-free recipe for Polish vanilla cookies or ciasteczka waniliowe is made with ground walnuts and vanilla bean.
Our Favorite Eastern European Christmas Cookies...
Here you will find traditional Christmas cookie recipes from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine.
Root Veggies Get a Kick Out of Chiles in This...
This recipe for Roasted Parsnip Soup is a creamy, velvety bisque spiked with apples and Hispanic flavorings like cilantro, adobo and chipotle.
Flaky, Double-Crust Recipe for a Sweet or...
This pie crust makes enough dough for a 10-inch double crust pie.
Make Peanut-Butter Dog Biscuits Your Furry...
This healthy recipe for dog biscuits is made with only four ingredients.
Pecan Shortbread Cookie Is a Polish Favorite
This version of Polish pecan cookies, also known as ciastka kruche, is similar to Russian tea cakes and Mexican wedding cookies.
Sweetened Chestnut Puree Recipe
This recipe for sweetened chestnut puree can be used in many desserts and combined with whipped cream as a filling.
Queen Bona Sforza of Italian Heritage...
Mizeria is the Polish name for cucumbers in sour cream, a refreshing dish served year-round.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Baking,...
Making a gingerbread house isn't as difficult as it might seem. If you have the right recipes and the right techniques, it's a snap.
QUICK TIP: Egg Wash Yeast Doughs and Other...
Egg washing yeast doughs prior to baking adds color or shine that makes them all the more appetizing.
These Are Some of the Best Places to Buy Polish...
Here is a list, by no means comprehensive, of Polish delis, import stores and online grocers where one can purchase Polish foods.
Polish Butter Cookies with Jam Recipe -...
This recipe for Polish butter cookies with jam is a simple but delicious cookie filled with strawberry jam.
This is Not Your Grandmother's Sernik: Polish...
Among the standard desserts in Poland is cheesecake, also known as sernik or serowiec.
What Ukrainians Eat on Christmas Eve
Here are recipes for Ukrainian Christmas Eve or Holy Supper, which is known as Sviaty Vechir.
How to Make Polish Potato Pancakes
This recipe for Polish potato pancakes or placki ziemniaczane is from Gwizdaly village.
Russian Herring Under Fur Coat Salad Recipe -...
This traditional recipe for Russian Herring Under Fur Coat, known as Shuba or Seledka Pod Shuboi, is a layered salad that gets its name from the beet topping considered to be a fur coat or shuba.
The History of Gingerbread
The origins of gingerbread are said to date to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.
Serbian Name Day Bread is Slavski Kolac
Slava bread is a traditional food for Serbians celebrating their patron saint day, or Krsna Slava.
Serve Serbian Nut Rolls at Your Next Celebration
This recipe for nut roll, known as potica, povitica and orehnjaca, is a sweet yeast bread with a walnut filling.
It's the National Dish of Poland: How to Make...
Bigos or Hunters Stew is considered the national dish of Poland. Traditionally, it was full of the fruits of the forest -- venison, mushrooms, dried fruits. Today, anything goes.
Grated Potato Dumplings Recipe - Polish Pyzy
This recipe for Polish potato dumplings uses a combination of raw, grated potatoes, and cooked, mashed potatoes in the dough.
How to Make Serbian Stuffed Cabbage
Sarma is the Serbian version of stuffed cabbage.
How to Make a Gingerbread House with Royal Icing
Step-by-step instructions with pictures showing how to make a gingerbread house.
Junior's Authentic New York cheesecake recipe.
This recipe for Original New York Cheesecake is from the iconic Jewish deli in New York known as Junior's.
How to Roll and Cut Gingerbread Dough to Make a...
Step-by-step instructions with pictures showing how to roll and cut gingerbread dough to make a gingerbread house.
The Perfect Beef Roast: Tender Boneless Top...
This recipe for Perfect Sunday Beef Roast uses a top sirloin cut of beef.
How to Make Homemade Hungarian Sausage (Hazi...
This recipe for homemade Hungarian sausage or hazi kolbasz is made with pork shoulder, garlic, salt, pepper and paprika.
Lard-Butter-Vinegar Pastry Crust Recipe
This pastry crust combines lard, butter and vinegar for an incredibly flaky crust.
This Authentic Recipe For Potato-Cheese Pierogi...
This recipe for potato-cheese pierogi or pierogi ruskie is from chef Marek Widomski of the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.
A Paczki's Best Friend: The Best Polish Cruller...
Polish crullers or angel wings, known as chruściki, are a favorite fried Polish dessert popular especially at the holidays and for weddings.
Don't Throw Away Leftover Egg Whites - Freeze...
Here is an easy way to freeze leftover egg whites.
Traditional Round Polish Potato Bread Made With...
Polish Potato Bread recipe uses mashed potatoes in the dough, which produces a light, airy crumb.
The Easiest Smoked Pork Chops Recipe
Smoked pork chops are quick and easy to prepare and make a satisfying meal with braised cabbage and your choice of vegetable.
Three-Ingredient Polish Hąluski Is Made...
This traditional Polish noodles and cabbage dish known as haluski is easy to make and can be a side or main meal.
: Literally the Polish word for "vigil" but commonly used in reference to the traditional Polish Christmas
How to Make Your Own Dry Curd or Farmer's Cheese
Here is a recipe and step-by-step instructions for making farmer's cheese, also known as dry curd cheese, at home.
Poppy Seeds Are a Symbol of Luck in Eastern...
Poppy seeds are a common ingredient in many Eastern European recipes. Here are some of the most popular poppy seed recipes.
Try Chef Marek Widomski's Recipe for Ryemeal...
This dish, called Żurek, includes sausage. The recipe is from chef Marek Widomski of the Culinary Institute in Cracow, Poland.
A Gallery of Gingerbread House Pictures
Gingerbread houses have a universal appeal and are perfect for Christmas, but they are appropriate for any celebration and make wonderful centerpieces.
Romanian Stuffed Cabbage Is Known As Sarmale
This recipe for Romanian stuffed cabbage or sarmale is made with pork, sauerkraut and tomatoes.
How to Make Traditional Hungarian Stuffed Peppers
This recipe for Hungarian stuffed peppers or toltott paprika is made with paprika and tomato sauce, two common ingredients in Hungarian cooking. What makes them Eastern European is the ever-present garnish of sour cream.
How to Make Polish Angel Wings or Crullers...
These step-by-step photo instructions walk you through the preparation of Polish-style crullers known as chruściki or chrust faworki.
Pastry Cream Comes Together in a Snap
This easy pastry cream recipe can be used to fill napoleons, eclairs, cream puffs and other pastries.
Pumpkin Bars with a Gingersnap Crust Recipe
This pumpkin bar recipe features a gingersnap crust and a pumpkin-pie-type filling.
Seven Layers of Heaven: A Hungarian Dobosh...
This Hungarian Dobosh Torte recipe sports seven layers filled with chocolate buttercream and topped with a caramel layer.
Roast Rack of Pork Is a Company-Worthy Dish
Roast rack of pork is a showy cut of meat similar to a standing beef rib roast or rack of lamb.
Croquembouche Recipe - Cream Puff Tree
The French dessert tower made of cream puffs stuck together with caramel is known as a croquembouche and has become popular in Eastern Europe.
Bacon Buns Recipe - Lithuanian Lasineciai
This Lithuanian bacon buns recipe is made with a soft roll dough that has chopped cooked bacon and onion in the middle.
Easy Pickled Beet and Onion Salad
This easy recipe for pickled beets and onions is from the Culinary Institute of America.
Apple Cake Is a Traditional Polish Dessert
This is just one version of hundreds of recipes for Polish apple cake.
How to Make Hearty Hungarian Goulash Soup
This recipe for Hungarian goulash soup or gulyas leves is hearty enough to be eaten as a main course.
Polish Cinnamon Cookies Recipe - Ciasteczka...
This recipe for Polish cinnamon cookies or ciasteczka cynamonowe is a rolled cookie cut into shapes of choice.
Try Lithuanian Potato Meat Dumplings in Bacon...
Potato-meat dumplings known as zeppelins or cepelinai are a traditional Lithuanian dish.
Christmas Cookie Recipes Around the World
These Christmas cookie recipes come from About.com Food Guides around the world.
Blood Sausage Is An Example of Nose-to-Tail...
Polish blood sausage or kiszka is made with pig's blood, seasonings and, usually, barley.
Make This Easy Caramel Sauce In 10 Minutes
This easy caramel sauce recipe takes only 10 minutes to prepare.
Pagach Bread Recipe - Slovak / Ukrainian Pagach
Slovak / Ukrainian pagach is a bread stuffed with mashed potatoes or cabbage and served at meatless meals, like Advent, Lent and for the Christmas Eve supper known as Velija.
Make Slovak Sweet Bobalki for Your Next Christmas
Bobalki are a Slovak bread treat. These small bread balls have a light and airy crumb and can be served sweet with poppyseeds and honey or savory with sauerkraut and onion.
Skip the Food Processor: Easy Polish Potato...
Crispy, thin potato pancakes or Placki Kartoflane or Ziemniaczane are a perfect meal for meatless days and a great accompaniment for roast pork or braised short ribs.
Easy Cake-Mix Gingerbread House Recipe
This easy gingerbread house and cookie dough recipe uses a cake mix, a little all-purpose flour, eggs, oil, molasses and ginger.
You Should Try Russian-Ukrainian Solyanka Soup
Solyanka Soup is popular in Russia and Ukraine, and is a combination of sausage, cured meats, rich broth, olives, capers and more.
10 Delicious Reasons to Try Hungarian Food
Hungarian cuisine has been influenced by the French, Germans, Italians, Turks, Slavs and Asians, resulting in a rich blend of sweet and savory dishes.
The Easy Way to Prep Pork Butt with Potatoes...
Smoked pork butt is a versatile piece of meat that can be cooked with potatoes and cabbage and the leftovers can be turned into many different meals.
Salata de Boeuf or Salat Olivje (Potato Salad...
This authentic recipe for Salata de Boeuf/Salat Olivje or is a traditional Romanian/Russian salad offering.
QUICK TIP: How to Freeze Leftover Egg Yolks
Here is how to freeze leftover egg yolks.
How to Make Jewish Potato Knishes: A Single-Ser...
Jewish Potato knishes are a baked dumpling filled with potatoes similar to a Mexican empanada, a British pasty, a Russian pirozhki and an Italian calzone.
St. Sava Serbian Sisters' Nut Roll Recipe -...
Serbian nut roll or orehnjaca is made with a yeast dough and walnut filling.
Round Eastern European Kolacky Recipe - Kolacky...
This recipe for round Eastern European kolacky uses baking powder, cream cheese and butter in the dough to make a flaky pastry.
How to Make Russian Napoleon Cake with Layered...
This Russian Napoleon Cake recipe is made with up to 16 layers of dough filled with a custard cream and is a national dessert.
Traditional Vegetarian Russian Cabbage Soup...
Fresh cabbage soup or shchi is one of the national dishes of Russia. It can also be made with sauerkraut or a combination of fresh and brined cabbage.
Learn How to Make Pork Belly in Your Home Kitchen
This recipe for braised pork belly is from chef Donald Link of Cochon Restaurant in New Orleans, La.
Easy Way to Fill a Pastry Bag
Step-by-step instructions with pictures showing how to fill a pastry bag with icing.
Sour Cream Kolacky Recipe
This kolacky dough recipe is made with only three ingredients -- sour cream, butter and flour. There are no eggs or leavening agents in the dough.
A Polish Jellied Pigs Feet Recipe for Your Family
This Polish jellied pigs feet recipe, known as zimne nogi or studzienina, demonstrates the peasants' attempt to emulate the aspic-covered gourmet dishes of the aristocracy or szlachta.
Sweet Cheese Pierogi Filling Recipe
Sweet cheese filling using farmer's cheese is a favorite with pierogi eaters.
Polish Mashed Potato Dumplings With Polonaise...
This recipe for Polish potato dumplingsor kopytka is made with cooked mashed potatoes.
Traditional Hungarian Trifle or Somloi Galuska...
This decadent Hungarian trifle recipe or somloi galuska consists of three layers of sponge cake, pastry cream and chocolate sauce.
How to Make Bee Sting Cake: No Bees, Just Honey
bee sting cake or bienenstich is a favorite in many German-speaking countries and one which Hungarians adopted.
How to Make Cevapcici: Casing-Less Serbian...
Cevapcici or cevaps are casing-less sausages favored by Eastern Europeans.
Eastern European Crescent Cookies Recipe -...
Rosky are flaky crescent-shaped cookies that can be filled with a walnut or fruit filling.
23 Stuffed Cabbage Recipes for Every Taste
Here are stuffed cabbage recipes from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Ukraine, and other countries.
What Is Velija?
Carpatho-Rusyn/Slovak velija or Christmas Eve Holy Supper is a meatless meal with usually 12 courses representing Christ's apostles.
No More Ho-Hum Thanksgiving Side Dishes With...
Turn the dial way up with these Thanksgiving side dishes many of your guests have probably never tried before.
Polish Dumplings Made With Gluten-Free Flour
This gluten-free pierogi recipe is perfect for those who love Polish dumplings but can't tolerate gluten.
Cure Your Hangover with Czech Garlic Soup
This Czech garlic soup recipe or cesnecka is said to be the number one hangover cure.
Try This Hot or Cold Polish Honey-Spiced Vodka...
Honeyed vodka or krupnik is a popular alcoholic beverage steeped with spices that is served hot or cold in Poland.
These Cranberry Dessert Bars Are Easy to Make
This cranberry cake bars recipe is simple to make in a 13x9-inch pan.
Fruit-Topped No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe
This no-bake cheesecake recipe is delicious with fresh fruit or fruit pie filling on top.
Dried Fruit Compote Is a Simple-Yet-Satisfying...
Polish dried fruit compote, known as kompot, is a traditional stewed-fruit dessert for a traditional Christmas Eve dinner, known as wigilia.
This Slavic Stuffed Flat Bread Needs Only One...
Slavic Stuffed Flat Bread is known by the names pagach, adzimka, hadzimka and zelnik. The dough is made with yeast and the filling can be potatoes and cheese, vegetables or meat.
How to Make Homemade White Polish Kiełbasa
Polish sausage (kiełbasa) is a pork sausage flavored with garlic, marjoram and black pepper that can be smoked or unsmoked (fresh).
Homemade Czech Braided Egg Bread with Raisins...
This yeast bread, known as houska to Bohemians and Czechs, chalka to Poles, and challah to Jews, is slightly sweet and rich, like French brioche.
Buttery Dough Is Filled With Walnuts to Make...
This recipe for walnut crescent cookies is common throughout the Balkans and is sometimes made with a yeast dough and sometimes a buttery dough.
How to Make Balkan Filo Dough Cheese Pie
Burek sa sirom is a Croatian-Serbian cheese pie made with flaky filo dough. This recipe goes great with a glass of cold kefir.
Polish Pierogi Are Comfort for Body and Soul
Pierogi are filled Polish dumplings that can be sweet or savory. Here are links to recipes and step-by-step tips.
How to Make Polish Dill Pickles
This easy recipe for Polish dill pickles is known as ogorki kiszone.

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