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Favorite Eastern European Rye Bread Brand

Nominate your favorite Eastern European rye bread brand. When it comes to rye bread, Eastern Europeans are connoisseurs and homemade ryes don't always measure up to what the professionals can produce. So which purchased rye bread do you prefer? This can be a mom-and-pop store brand like Racine Bakery's or a larger manufacturer like Rosen's. But these are just suggestions. The rye bread can be any variety of Eastern European or Jewish rye bread -- light, dark, black, marble, seeded, seedless, pumpernickel, etc. There are three critical elements to your nomination -- the name of the brand, the rye bread variety, and the URL of the manufacturer if it's a large outfit, or the physical address if it's made at a brick-and-mortar store. And if you only have one favorite Eastern European rye bread brand, don't worry about filling out Second Best, Third Best and so on. Your nomination will still be counted!

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