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Eastern and Central European food covers such a multitude of countries, with recipe nuances and variations galore. There are so many wonderful blogs out there that demonstrate the same passion for this type of cooking and desire to keep alive Old-World traditions as I do. Why not share the details of your blog for everyone to see, enjoy and learn from. Your link and info will be posted on this site in perpetuity! It's quick and easy to fill in the form, and should give you more bang for your buck than a blog roll. No spam, please!

Alan Divack's (Mostly Food) Blog

My family comes from Belarus, and I like to include some foods that my grandmothers and great aunts used to cook. There were many good cooks in my father's family, in particular. They were from Pruzh…More

Kosher Cookbook Blog by Gloria Kobrin

My Grandparents came from Russia, Poland and Austria. I live in New York City.I have cooked all my life. I've also taught cooking, written a regular cooking column for a national Jewish newspaper and…More

Poland Culinary Vacations Blog by Sarna Rose

My heritage is Polish and through Poland Culinary Vacations I introduce travelers to the wonderful cuisine and culture of Poland. Poland Culinary Vacations specializes in organizing customized, escor…More

Kosher Everyday Blog by Sharon Matten

As an orthodox Jew with grandparents of Eastern European origins, many of my recipes are influenced by my heritage. I live in Chicago and work as a food writer/blogger, a freelance pastry chef, mom a…More

Cooky Cat Blog by David D. Wronski

I am from Polish heritage and my sensibility is based on that simple, earthy, fresh ingredients approach. Cooky Cat is my culinary representative. He has a certain way about him -- playful, smart, fi…More

My Mother's Treasure Blog by Naomi Bruni

I started blogging as a tribute to my mother, who instilled her love of homemaking, cooking and baking in me and my daughters. I am a daughter embarking on a journey to rediscover my mother, through …More

Polska Food Blog by Mr. and Mrs. Piszczek

My husband Tomek is from Poland and I have been 100% inspired by Polish food. I love the flavors, textures, herbs, and I am surprised how healthy you can make most of the dishes! I am German, so most…More

Alice in Culinary Wonderland Blog by Chef Alice

I'm a Romanian, so I've grown up eating and smelling Eastern European food. I write about traditional dishes but also about international food. I post only the recipes I try. I live in Bucharest and …More

Romanian Tourism and Food Blog by Adrian Buzoianu

It is so nice to have visitors who are as passionate about the art of cooking as I am. If you are already a professional chef, are in the food industry, or just love to express yourself through recip…More

Kulinarno-Joana Blog by Joana

Joana lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. She started with preparing Bulgarian cuisine dishes and expanded her interests into Mediterranean and world cuisine. She likes French and Italian classics prepared a n…More

Maja's Kitchen Blog by Maria Springer

Actually, I do not write about Eastern or Central European Food, I write about my heritage and my experiences tasting certain foods for the first time in my life.It just so happens that I am from Cro…More

Russian Culture & Cuisine by Donald H.

I grew up eating Eastern European food, and have lived and worked all over the fomer Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc nations. In my work as a public health specialist, I had to study the foods of these…More

A Matter of Taste / Kwestia Smaku Blog by Joanna and Tomasz

I live in Poland and while my heritage is Polish I do like to experiment with the tradition a lot. Being a fan of the modern Polish fusion cuisine, I try to take our traditional recipes to the next l…More

Gotuj z Sercem or Cook With Your Heart

In "Gotuj z Sedrcem" or "Cooking with the Heart," our aim is to promote good Polish restaurants, of which there are many with a Michelin Guide rating. The proceeds from the sale of this book go to su…More

From Cupcakes to Caviar Blog by Janet Brand

Eastern European food is just one part of the food world to me to be honest. I love the food because it is part of what I grew up with. I'm from the South Side of Chicago and that's one of the most e…More

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