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Moje Wypieki Blog (My Pastries Blog) by Dorota Świątkowska

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By dorotus76

Moje Wypieki Blog (My Pastries Blog) by Dorota Świątkowska

Sesame-Topped Yeast Rolls

Name of Your Blog

MOJE WYPIEKI by Dorota Świątkowska

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Do You Try to Answer All Reader Questions?

Yes, I usually try to answer all the questions.

Other Than Your Own, What Is Your Favorite Food Blog?

How Old Is Your Blog and How Often Do You Write It?

I started to write my blog in December 2006, so it's nearly 4 years old. I try to update it every week.

Why Do You Write About Eastern European Food?

I live in Wales (UK), but I was born in Poland and I lived there for 19 years. I'm not a professional cook, I just cook at home. Polish food is close to my heart but I enjoy testing recipes from other countries. I often create recipes by myself. It gives me so much fun!

Tips and Tricks

  • All recipes on my site are tested. I bake for my family and my friends at home. I only bake if I'm happy...

Barbara Rolek, About.com Eastern European Food, says:

If you search for the site using the URL, you can click on the "translate page" button as this is written in Polish. Dorota, the author of this blog does beautiful work and her photographs are excellent!

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